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January 23, 2012

Terrible Golf

While playing with another new fellow golfer last Wednesday and seeing him struggle the entire round (thus taking our team out of contention for the weekly title which means next-to-nothing), all I could do was cringe every time he yelled at himself with that overly-used and stupid comment, "Keep your head down!".

This is by far the worst advice for anyone who has ever played the game. Whomever started the idiotic phrase/advice/coaching suggestion should be banned from the game. I dare anyone out there to try it (right now) in your living room, out in your backyard or on the driving range. Put your head down, make sure it stays there and try and hit three consecutive shots cleanly. You have no chance.

Think about it: How are you supposed to stay on plane whilst your chin is digging down into your chest? It gets in the way of both of your shoulders you moron! You will dip going back and you will dip going forward, forcing you to compensate during an already-bad swing. Good luck!

Here is some excellent advice. (I normally charge for such advice, but since I learned it from someone who didn't charge me for the same advice, I'll let you all have it for free.): 

The proper way to reinforce your swing and make it more consistent is to tell yourself, (and subsequently do), "Keep your head STILL!". Set up for your shot with your chin up enough so you have good posture. That is, keeping your spine angle straight from your waist up through the back of your head. This allows you to turn your shoulders underneath your chin, which also gives you more torque and distance. You will also not dip, allowing you to hit the ball squarely. Simple, huh? Just remember to keep your head still during the swing and the rest will take care of itself.

One other thing: Make sure you hit through the ball. This will also help with good ball striking.

So don't be a moron golfer like I once was and start saying 'no' to bad advice from fellow golfers who are probably worse than yourself. It's just not safe.

January 10, 2012

Tiger's Not Back But The PGA Tour Is

For those of you that thought that Tiger's win in SoCal last month actually meant anything, think again.

First off, how great of a tournament is it that the defending champion, Graham DcDowell, doesn't even come back to defend? And how many players are even in the tourney, like 18? When Tiger dominated before his promiscuity blew up in Elin's face, Sherwood meant something because everyone wanted to see him win everything. I wasn't one of them because frankly, winning that tournament would be like me picking out the right movie to see at the theater with my family and it just so happened to be Forest Gump. (Not a big reach, especially after reading the reviews the day before.)

Now we hear that he's coming back in February to play Pebble. Again, not a big reach because of his past successes there, but it is a start. He would really impress me if he played the Northern Trust at Riviera, where he has never come close to winning. He has always liked playing it safe, playing tournaments he has won  over and over again, but seems to shy away from those that have given him trouble. (I can't think of a lot of them off the top of my head (and I don't want to bother researching it right now), but the Waste Management Phoenix Open rings a bell.) His fans always love to see him play, but please NBC and CBS, don't show us every shot he takes even when he's twelve back on Sunday! There are a lot of players that are right in the hunt that we are lucky to see hit one shot in the final round. I bet their collective families would have something to say about that.

I know it's killing the PGA Tour's American television partners to have only one American, Steve Stricker, in the top five golfers in the world, but just don't over-compensate with a Tiger montage before and during the final round of the Mayakoba Golf Classic, which he probably isn't even playing. So let's see how the rest of the bunch are doing when the play is climaxing on a Sunday, and not dwell on Tiger's decision to dump Stevie last year or how his swing coach is going to turn him around this year for sure. (Everyone knows Tiger would have won all those tournaments with me on his bag and he still had Butch watching over his precious self.)

So let's get serious PGA, CBS and NBC. I'm looking forward to the new line of winners this year, with Ricky Fowler leading the way. After all, he's brought the colors purple and orange to the top of the golf clothing spectrum. Who else can say that? (Please don't use Poulter's Pussy Pink Plaid trousers as a reasonable comparison. Who else wears this shit?)
Neon Ian Poulter

A New Idea!

I usually posted about my Wednesday's group of golfers. This included how we did as teams and outstanding moments from either on-course and off. I got bored and needed a new idea that would not only entertain my readers, but also keep me enthused. I couldn't find one.

After weeks of pondering, I decided upon bashing-and-cheering all golfers in general. This sounds easy and chicken shit, but who out there in the golfing world does it on a regular basis? The Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee has his moments, (especially at Tiger's expense), but who else?

I'm ready.